ACTING- Sensory/Stanislavski Method Class - Annual Payment

STARTING SEPTEMBER 2017 Meets once per week. 75 minute class. 32 classes in course $880 for 32 weeks, or 8 payments of $110 Mondays 7:30-8:45 or Thursdays 7:30-8:45 MUST COMMIT TO FULL COURSE SEND AN EMAIL TO outlining your class time availability in order of preference. Small group classes (limited to 4-6 Students per class). Sensory/Stanislavski Method Acting classes are 75 minutes in length. All classes are made by appointment and grouped according to age and availability. We are offer small group master classes in Sensory/Stanislavski Method Acting for young people in grades 5-12. This legendary technique is used by the greatest actors in the world. In the Limelight's Sensory/Stanislavski Method Acting Curriculum is youth-friendly and centers around acting within the five senses, focusing on realism. They learn to tackle a character fully, learning to live the experiences of a character as if it were his/her own. We also focus on how to properly prepare for tackling any given role. In return, young actors present more genuine and realistic performances. It is a well known fact that casting directors are looking for actors trained in this method and these types of classes are few and far between in Central Florida.
ACTING- Sensory/Stanislavski Method Class - Annual Payment
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Price $880.00