MEMORIES Full Package

MEMORABILIA PACKAGE Throughout the production rehearsal and performance time period, parents end up reaching in their wallet for a variety of memorabilia options. Between the DVDs, photo cds, signed posters, tee shirts, fan mail, etc. you could end up spending over $100 for all of it. This season we are instituting the MEMORIES PACKAGE. Upon purchase we will send you a special receipt that will have a checklist on it of what you are entitled to. The Memorabilia Package is $85. It includes: DVD performance of the show ($20 each) Photo CD of all dress rehearsal photos ($20 each) Show Tee Shirt- which has the show logo on the front and the cast list on the back ($12) Playbill Good Wish- Three line printed playbill sentiment honoring your child ($35) Signed Poster- Show poster signed by the cast ($10) Fan Mail – 4 messages at $1 each ($4) Fan Mail Flower – Silk Rose with card and ribbon ($5) TOTAL if all items were purchased separately - $106 TOTAL if MEMORABILIA PACKAGE is purchased - $85 (20% discount)
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